Mood face not sticking in the middle

Hi @Kirill ,

When I try to move a mood to the middle it often doesn’t stick to start with.

If I then tap the screen for a while and keep trying it will eventually do it. And once it’s doing it, it will cause no further issues.

Still on my iPhone 8 with the latest iOS.

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Interesting @Vincent, I’ve never tried to drag a mood and only have moved them in via clicking/tapping on them, whereby they travel of their own accord into the middle…haha!

Incredible just how different even minor approaches can be between different individuals - but also maybe see if that works better for you!

Hi @vincent
Yes, his is a bug we are aware of :confused: Dragging the emotion cannot be the first action on this screen. Although they are draggable later on if you tap on them first! Weird, I know. But we are on it.

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