My dispenser has gone rogue

Put new nice minty valerian in but it didn’t squirt. Tried to remove but the cap spray is stuck and the liquid ran out down the side of the canister. Now can’t get spray cap out. Any hints? As find this stuff golden like cbd oil pre-uncalming times I want it working again


Hi @cathimayhem, great to see you here again!

It happens sometimes, no worries! The best thing to do is to remove the top cap of the sofi stick, take out the brain, and (using a pair of chopsticks or a pencil) push down to pop the top cap out. This occurs occasionally if the spray nozzle isn’t aligned with the nozzle on the stick when inserted, so just try to ensure that it goes in straight.

We’ve also just launched our S2 Program!
Have your passiflora pods arrived to you? If so, we’d love for you to begin trialling Passiflora along with the rest of the community, to maximise the findings of the Program. Of course, you’re welcome to return to any left over valerian you have afterwards (especially happy to hear that it works so well for you :blush: :sofi_moon:)


Thank you will try when i get back home.

I hadn’t realised the calming effect of the pods as opposed to sleep as my sleep had settled down and had stopped using so much.

Living my new calmer me spray xxxx


Did you manage to get your sofi stick back up @cathimayhem? If you struggle we can always jump on a zoom and see if we can help you trouble shoot remotely … adding both @alexwalkerjones and @Kirill here as well so we can track your progress :pray:

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Yes did the ol’ chop stick move, popped out new spray popped in all working beautifully

Thank you x


That’s amazing … so well done @cathimayhem … I always keep a spare pair of chopsticks and a battery … the ultimate sofi survival toolkit xx :pray:

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