New to this community

Hi there, new to this community. Trust everyone is well or hopefully coping best they can. Just a bit about why im trying this. I have, EUPD, Bi polar 2 and anxiety. With all three my sleep is erratic, insomnia severe certain days etc. Always anxious in like social settings, work, anything really including getting to point that riding my motorbike is scary. Starting to really impact my life negatively. Looking for help where ever i can. A firm believer in planet naturally provides all we need.


It’s so lovely to hear from you @Brb76 and welcome to this incredible community. You will find there is a love of care and empathy between Pioneer and a huge amount of patience for us developing our sofi together as a team. Of course, everyone is on an individual journey and that’s what make our sofi so special in that it allows us to uniquely understand how these power plants can nudge us gently in feeling or sleeping better … but there is a strong bond of support which has been amazing for us in developing sofi and for every Pioneer to each other … can’t wait to see what your journey will be and welcome on board Bianca :pray:


I know how you feel , I started taking Ashwaganda Ken-66 supplements 4 weeks ago, takes about 10 days to start to
Feel something, but actually calms you down, don’t get me wrong 4 weeks is still early and not sure the effects of it is all there yet, but helps, I’m eager to try these sprays