Nighttime troubles

Is it just me or overnight when we wake why are all the thoughts in our heads negative nothing fluffy and nice just traumatic thoughts and when I journal overnight I sort of speed write at the time getting all the rubbish out of mind but in the so called normality of day time what I wrote down has no sense ,it’s like some possessed spirit wrote it not me , can’t be me surely
And it’s also the most loneliest time it drives me to madness


Sounds so sad. I think it’s because at night it so calm and peaceful, the mind wonders, your only companionship is your own thoughts. You can’t really do anything for fear of making noise and disturbing those that are sound asleep.

I’m rather sad, I love the quite during the night. My house is so loud and busy during day, I homeschool my boys, spend 5 hours a day of that, cooking, baking , cleaning, excercise, walking my own studies, I rarely sit down, by 9pm I start to chill.

Nighttime I tend to sort things out ready for day, I try not to get in my head unless there is something, upsetting or stressing me out, which is very rare. I’ve been through hell and back, so nowadays it takes alot to get me in that place.

I do feel for you, thinking deeply and at length, has its benefits, sometimes it can be overdone and can be destructive.

I’ve stopped worrying if I wake up others, they are so used to me mooching about for years they sleep through anything, I’ve hoovered at 5am nobody stirred. Preoccupy your mind with something unless you need to contemplate.

Do you share your thoughts with your partner. My hubby always asks how my night was, I tell him.


Thanks for response , I do share my thoughts with my wife but sometimes they are so complicated , it’s strange how overnight thoughts are so muddled trying to explain is difficult


I’ve said this before actually. 3am is the loneliest time to be stuck in your head. People don’t understand just how awful not sleeping can be. That’s why it was used as a form of torture!


Chris, would you mind if I ask the team if anyone has any particular night time habits or rituals that they found makes much difference here? Really grateful for you in sharing this here by the way … my natural instinct is to see how I can help! Sorry if you didn’t want that kind of response here but let me know and will have a think! Wishing you a good night’s sleep (soon)!


Hi that’s no problem I have kinda given up on any ritual to be honest but if there is one that fits then great