Pioneer Boxes | FAQs and how-to's

Hi @oliver75gaskell , I’m not sure but I think the 10 day cycle is an indicator of the end use of one pod. If that pod is now empty then insert another pod depending on which one you want to try next. When you run out of pods, simply carry on journaling. If you’re lucky you might be able to access pods from sofi HQ if there are any spares later on. Hope this helps.
Regards Cj


Many thanks for your quick reply!

I think I can a little behind the stage/steps you describe, many be I have posted my question in the wrong area.

I have yet to receive anything from Sofi. I have just completed my first 10 days of journaling.

I have just been able to provide my home address and phone number.

I think I now have to wait, keep journaling and hopefully I will receive this Sofi surprise that I see others have! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: For now!


Hi @oliver75gaskell - not to worry! You’ve just completed your “baseline” of 10 days, which means the next step is for us to send you a sofi “surprise” to verify your address.

Once that makes it to you (likely by the end of next week :crossed_fingers: :sparkles:) you can upload a photo via the app, and your S3 Pioneer Pack will be officially reserved.

Amazing work and so glad to have you here!


Great, thank you for explaining that to me. I look forward to receiving the Sofi surprise!
Where would you recommend is the best place in the treehouse to upload the picture of the Sofi surprise to?


Im on day 17 baselining, I haven’t recieved the Sofi sirprise yet, any idea how long it will take?


Did you get to fill out your address details on day 10?
If you did hopefully my and your Sofi surprise will be sent out asap!


Hi Rosemarie,

We received your address and have the signal to mail out your sofi surprise. This will go out beginning of next week so don’t worry - we promise no Pioneer will be left behind! :pray: :sparkles:


Hi Sofi

Yes I filled out my details,


As Alex said in one of the last posts , no pioneer will be left behind, so don’t worry.
I am sure that if you provided your details you will have nothing to be concerned about. Alex will probably be happy to confirm this.


Hi Alex!
I feel so disappointed in myself bc I have completely forgotten about logging my sleep& mood for the past 3-4 weeks! This happened bc my app suddenly disappeared from my phone! I have NO IDEA how that can even happen, but it did!:person_facepalming::person_shrugging:
So, instead of downloading it again on my phone, I decided, instead , to use the website & log in there. Can u plz lmk if using the website works the same as using the app? I did not see, on the website, how I could write u a private message on the website, but maybe I’m missing how to do so? Plz LMK if it’s ok (& the same) to log in and use your website, as opposed to the app!
Next, I wanted to let you know that I received my Sophie surprise Stone a few weeks ago, but I have no idea how to upload a picture of it to send to you! I forgot all about the fact that I had to send a photo of it to you!
Plz LMK how to do this!
Lastly, How long does it take, after a person receives their Sofi surprise, to then receive their actual supplement for lowering anxiety, improving mood and improving sleep?
(It’s the Ashwaganda supplement :hugs:)
Thank you, in advance, for responding to my many questions here! I really can’t wait to start taking this spray supplement, & I’m just wondering when it will arrive!
Kimberly Schwartz
P.S. I also want to check in on behalf of my father, who also signed up with Sofi and has been logging his sleep and moods for the last 3 weeks. When will he get his Sofi surprise and supplements?
Thank you, in advance, for answering all of my questions!!


Hi @Kimberly - thank you so much for your message and so glad you were able to find a place to post it here!

And not to worry, as there’s always time to restrengthen your baseline, so rest assured that you’re still safely enrolled to participate in our S3 Pioneer Program with Ashwagandha :partying_face: :partying_face:

Unfortunately our website ( and our community hub (the treehouse, where you are now) are completely separate from the sofi app, so you won’t be able to record your sleep or mood there. To redownload your sofi app - or if you ever need to check for an update - you can use one of the links below:

  • For Android, you can click here to download the sofi app.
  • And for iOS, you can click here to download the sofi app.

With regard to your sofi surprise, we typically accept these via the app, however, we’re experiencing a small glitch that our tech team is working to solve, so in the meantime, you can upload an image either in the treehouse, here, by tapping the sofi moon in the top left corner of the app and messaging us there, or by submitted one via email (email me anytime at :blush: :love_letter:)

The time between receiving a sofi surprise and receiving your Pioneer Pack completely depends on when the next Program will launch. Due to the nature of our Programs, demand for sofi, and the fact that we are only a small startup with limited means, means that we only launch a Pioneer Program every few months (although time between Programs will significantly decrease moving forward).

Because of this, our S3 Pioneer Program will be launching towards the end of the year - and so there is a bit of a waiting game. However, once your Pioneer Pack is reserved, you are with us for the S3, the S4, the S5, the S6, etc (in other words all our subsequent Programs where we’ll trial natural plant medicines for sleep and calm).

For more on our S3 with Ashwagandha you can also check out this thread here: S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Last, but by no means least, if you could privately send me your father’s name, or the email address associated with his account, I’d me more than happy to double check that status for you. We have plenty of space remaining in the S3 Program, so I have no doubt, you’ll be on track to participate together. :pray: :sparkles:

Kindest regards and thrilled to have you on board, Kimberly!


Hi Alex

I am new here. I am a bit lost. I don’t know where to ask for the box, I never filled any address form or anything.
Can you help me?

Tks :slight_smile:


Hi Paula , welcome to the community , so to register for a box you first need to complete your 10 day baseline, then you shall be sent a suprise from sofi to confirm that it will come to your address to reserve you onto the next pioneer programme , I will tag @alexwalkerjones in here for you so she can see this , hope you have a lovely weekend ! :slight_smile:


Hi @paula_tassis! We are so thrilled to have you here and you’re off to a perfect start :blush: :sofi_moon:

As @Aaron mentioned, your journey begins with completing your daily journal in your sofi app for 10 days!

Once that’s complete and sofi has an ideal of your “normal” mood and sleep over this time, you’ll receive a prompt to input your address followed by a small surprise that we ship to every Pioneer in order to verify their address ahead of they Pioneer Program!

Once verified, your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved and you can find more information on the upcoming S3 Program by visiting the “Treehouse Index” pinned to the top of the page, and selecting “S3 Pioneer Program | updates.”

Here anytime should you get stuck or have any questions! :love_letter: :pray:


Hi Alex,

Thank you. I understand now. :blush:


Thank you very much. Looking forward to finishing my 10 days and start the program.


Hey guys, just checking, are we supposed to spray it in our mouths or in the air?


@RuaKasumi In the mouth as the plants are to be ingested! :relaxed: We recommend starting with 3 sprays in the evening/after dinner, and 3 sprays just before bed!

So excited they made it to you and fingers crossed some peaceful night are ahead :crossed_fingers:t2:Xx


@alexwalkerjones I’m glad otherwise I did a bad thing! I’m impressed with it already and I’ve only done my first 3 sprays after dinner, I’ve got high hopes for some good sleep tonight! Thank you so, so much :relaxed::pray: xx


Hi Alex,
I am new to this
How do I reserve a box and when might I be eligible to receive one?
I have completed my first 8 journal entries.

Many thanks