Pod not connecting, too stressed 5o sort it!

Hi, I really enjoyed and benefitted from the 1st 2 Ashwa pods (plain and cardamon flavours-both delicious!) but when I started the 3rd pod (caramel) I wasn’t so keen on the taste. It’s way too sweet for me.
I’m afraid this, along with many other events happening all at once, has contributed to my falling off the Sofi waggon. My pod seemed to stop registering with the App during my time using this 3rd pod as well, which led to many frustrating nights spend turning devices off and on, shaking the pod, taking out the bottle and re-fitting it, and still no connection.
This hasn’t helped my stress levels! Also, I stopped journalling because everything was just so awful, i was just putting the lowest score every time!
Finally, I got an email on 30th June saying I’d soon be getting passiflora, but nothing’s arrived!
I wonder if it’s been posted and got lost, or not been posted because I’ve stopped journalling? Or is it on the way?
I’d love to get back into a regular routine of journalling and using some new pods. Please can you let me know what happened to my passiflora?
Thanks! X


Hi @ridgewaysarah - thank you kindly for your post and for bringing this to our attention. Your passflora refills were marked as shipped on the 11th July, so I’m following up with our fulfilment centre to see what exactly may be causing the delay.

Many thanks for your patience. PS if you are still experiencing issue with the sofi app / smart pod please let me know and we will add this to the priority list to get solved before your refills arrive :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: