The pod doesn't always register sprays

Unfortunately the clever Pod doesn’t always register the sprays. I did 6 last night and it says none. The pod wasn’t a long way from the phone and Bluetooth was on. Unfortunately this means the data collected isn’t accurate.

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I can’t even get my pod to sync.

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Hi @wright.jaime and @Mari1234 - thanks for your messages here.

It would also be good to figure out why your sprays aren’t being tracked within the app, as this is key in order for sofi to understand your spraying and make vital observations on the effect of the plants on your mood, sleep, focus - and everything in between!

Could I confirm that the pod is paired with app, and open while spraying? This way, by watching the spray count reduce with every press, it’s easier to ensure that no data is being accidentally missed!

If you are sure that the sprays are recording right at the time, but yet the spray history screen seems to be off - this may indicate a small bug on the history page, as opposed to an issue with the spray count itself.

Look forward to hearing back so we can troubleshoot, and thanks for your help in advance! :blush: :pray: