Still no smart pod has not been delivered:(

My smart pod has still not arrived and i was told it would be with me late Sept of which it is now :disappointed:

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Hi @Natzvw - thank you for your message.

We understand that the wait times to receive your Pioneer Pack can be extremely frustrating. We had to change the shipping date due to a sudden influx of new Pioneers as well as due to changes we had to implement in order to be able to continue with Pioneer Studies, which you can read more about here.

It is our mission to try and help our Pioneers feel and sleep better with the aid of nature. In order for our final formulations to make it into our hands - 100% for free, it is a process of harvesting the plant, creating the extracts, flavour formulating, building improved generations of our smart pods, hand packing and assembling our units, and so on and so forth - so you can image that there is a high time requirement involved!

Our current ETA is for winter launch and our next plant is Chamomile! We are always doing everything we can to ship Pioneer Packs as soon as possible. We will provide heads up in advance before the next shipment so that everyone has a chance to get back to a more consistent journaling routine :herb:

We thank you immensely for your patience so far. :pray: :sofi_moon: :herb: