Problems recording sprays

Hi everyone
Just wondering…
Has anyone else noticed that their sprays arent recorded onless theyre logged into the Sofi app while spraying? Is this how its meant to be? If im in the app when i use the spray i can see it count down but if not the sprays aren’t registered at all, even when logging in afterwards.

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I don’t know but i always open the app when spraying so that i can see the spray count go down. I have never had a problem so i suggest that everyone only sprays when their app is open and their phone is close to the pod

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Hi @m.maguinness83,

As with all first launches, our latest generation of smart pod is a tad temperamental, and so we highly recommend keeping the app open when spraying, so that you can watch to check for the number counting down your sprays with each press.

Should you find at some point that sprays aren’t counting anymore, that’s always a good sign that your pod is in need of another charge. And we recommend making this a routine every 2-4 days depending on how long you find that the battery lasts!

Please keep us updated :pray: :blush: