Refills of valerian

Hi @alexwalkerjones, i put podnumber 1 in tonight and it works fabulously, so i think its the pop thats the problem, not the stick.


I didn’t realise that you had had to take the most difficult and distressing decision to PTS your beloved sheepdog. After 16 years old, an amazing age, especially when I took on my rescue dog from Dogs Trust, at age 9(him not me!) I was informed that not to expect more than a year or two before he would pass due to many medical conditions.
I fell in love with him immediately although due to trust issues from his shocking, really shocking, past life, beatings for going to the toilet in the past owner flat, as he never took him out what can you expect. Thank God Dogs Trust somehow became involved. He was so sad and scared that he would not go to the toilet for 5 day’s and had to be given medical intervention. Over 2 years DT built up his confidence however he never really got over everything. But on the happy side I spent 9 visiting sessions with him to get some levels of required trust, then where I live was checked out, which is the absolute minimum rehoming center’s should do. Police checks should be carried out on people seeking rescue animals especially dogs and cats. He came to mine for a trial weekend and I can’t even put words to how happy he was to be with someone 24/7 and out of his kennel! He claimed the three seater sofa immediately, which I was more than glad to donate if he felt comfortable there!
I wanted an older staffy as it is always the older ones or medical problems with the dogs that are left behind. So now I am going through such difficult times without him around me all the time, but I believe he is happy, here in spirit and although he is no longer with me I am so pleased to have provided him with his forever home and total love and commitment to every step of his care.

And on a positive note my valerian refill pack has just arrived!!! I hope you get yours today and if not very early next week!
God bless Harvey and my Kermit!:heart::heart:
Kind regards


I would love to take in a rescue. But as I live on a farm and don’t have a inclosed garden I can’t get one as they want a inclosed garden area for a dog to be let of lead. I would have a whole pack of golden oldies if I could :disappointed::disappointed:


Me too I can’t bear the way people treat animals, their sentence if every prosecuted should be to endure the exact same treatment they inflicted upon the animal and for the same length of time. I know that my opinion is not to everyone’s taste but it will never happen anyway!
They will receive their judgement when they are in front of their maker!

You might not be able to get a rescue dog but think of the excitement and joy that I can imagine Harvey enjoyed! And any other dogs you have had past and present!
All the best to you :heart::paw_prints::paw_prints:



I am delighted to have received my valerian refill pack 2 days ago now and weather it’s the novelty, purely by chance or for the reason I believe I have just had the best nights SLEEP in years!!!
I shall find out, plus hope for a repeat or better tonight!

I was very very fortunate enough to have requested and I believe took the last spare S1 valerian refill pack available (so on my request please don’t inundate Sofi with requests unless you are already participating in the S1 trial) as this was the natural remedy I had been seeking at the moment of a Google search making me aware of the Sofi program! So it seems like fate we found, or more so I was lucky enough to find Sofi!

I will keep my journal going, fingers crossed with ever improving results.

Just a quick question about the sprays, I understand that it’s three sprays on each occasion but it is unclear to me how often/what times in the day these sprays are best suited to be taken?

Any advice welcomed!

Kind regards


Hi @oliver75gaskell,

Absolutely thrilled that your sprays made it to you and can’t wait to hear more about how your journey progresses with valerian!

As far as the dosage we recommend, we suggest 3 sprays in the evening / after dinner to signal to the body that it’s time to begin winding down, and 3 sprays just before bed to promote a restful night of sleep.

Of course, this is just our recommendation, and for those using valerian primarily for anxiety, they might find it helpful to play around with the dosage timings. I hope that answer helps!


That’s answered my questions perfectly, so thank you for your kind assistance.
Normally I get around 3 maybe up to 4 hours of sleep a night and never feel refreshed from the sleep I do get.
I know it’s very early days and it will take time to establish if the valerian is responsible for an extra 2 HOURS of decent sleep last night, so I actually managed 5h in total, amazing! That was with 3 sprays that the app registered and one spray that didn’t so 4 in total. Plus the previous night I had three sprays and had a bit of a better sleep, maybe it takes time for the valerian to build up to the required level.
Just wanted to say a huge thanks and update you. Now about to complete my first positive journal! :heart::clap::blush: