Registering the sporays

Hi everyone.
I hink some of us are still having problems wit the sprays. I can say with this final pod I have done 3 sprays each time. Sometimes it has registered as 2 Sometimes 4 . It is now not registering at all even though I have some left and am continuing to spray. Happy day all
Meg x


Hi @Meg! Happy Friday and thanks for your post! Apologies for the delay in getting in touch, and please feel free to tag me directly (@alexwalkerjones) anytime should you need quicker attention :blush:

Have you been able to charge your pod recently, or has it been long since it was last charged? I believe that we have found that when the battery is low, the is more likely to mistakingly double count a spray, or miss one here or there. Let me know and we’ll try to troubleshoot accordingly! :tulip: :crossed_fingers:

Hi Alex.
I keep the pod charged by doing it every
3 /4 days. I am still continuing to spray but it gas ceased to register . I have taken it out and put it back in but no success. It seems that once it had registered the 70 it just stopped working.
Have a good weekend
Best wishes
Meg x

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Hi @Meg - Hmm, thank you for clarifying. Is there anything odd going on with your Home Screen in the app, or does the formulation and spray count show up just fine?

Hi Alex
There had been a few wrong times when the spray didn’t register correctly. On the whole it was registering. The problem was when it told me there were no more sprays left I had almost another week of sprays. So none of those registered.
Meg. Xx

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I see what you mean Meg! Thanks for updating us nonetheless, hopefully that is something we will continue to get ironed out, the more sensitive and robust our spray count / spray sensor is. :pray: x