Restless Legs Syndrome

Hi I’m on pod 1 now. I started with pod 3 as instructed and found 3 fine with my anxiety and helped me sleep. But with pod 2 & 1, I’ve found that it has started up my restless leg and sleep isn’t good.
My question is do i have to finish the last pod? And is there a way to get a refill of pod 3?


Hi @sophie67121 - Welcome to the sofi treehouse and so glad you reached out!

I’m really sorry to hear about your restless legs syndrome (P.S. I’m linking you to a thread here with some advice on restless legs syndrome from our in-house medical herbalist Pamela Spence: Magnesium & Potassium for better sleep...? - #13 by pamelaspence)

As far as the plant pods you’re using, I can confirm that they all contain the exact same strength and ratio of active ingredients, the only difference being the small amount of natural extract that creates the assorted “flavours.” In other words, I’m afraid it’s likely that something else is at play here, but I’m tagging @pamelaspence just in case xx


Hello @sophie67121 and welcome to the treehouse!

@alexwalkerjones is correct, all three pods have exactly the same strength and preparation of Passiflora and the same preservative and natural sweetener - the only difference is the flavouring (which is also natural) but they are different in each pod so it is unusual for them to cause the same problem… :thinking:

Has anything else changed for you since you stopped pod 3? Stress levels, diet, supplements, pther medication that could have caused the problem?

If not, I suggest stopping the current pod and seeing whether it resolves. And if it does, testing it by sending you another pod 3 (if we can - I have a spare @alexwalkerjones ) would test it.

Hope that helps!