Rhod Gilbert/Stand up to Cancer

I don’t know if anyone saw Rhods documentary about hos cancer journey, it brought me to tears, the radiotherapy is torture, ajdball the otyer peopkes battles, wins and losses that were on the yearly Stand up to Cancer on Ch4 tonight, its amazing what the new trials are showing, and hopefully we can get to a point that there will be a cure for most cancers, one that doesn’t leave you feeling worse than before your battle started, where we’re not pumping poison into people and keeping our fingers crossed it targets the cancerous cells. But I’m thankful that we have the knowledge to proceed and make a cure. The NHS are certainly angels when it comes to helping people on their arduous journey, and their kind words, soft hands and their hugs are worth a fortune, sorry but I was very moved by his cancer story.


I did catch some of that. And it was indeed quite moving and great that he’s so open about it. The fact that he’s a comedian makes it funny as well as moving.

There’s certainly been some encouraging progress over the last couple of years with vaccines for different types of cancer and generally the treatments for cancers are improving each year I think.

It would be amazing if we can eventually find different ways to combat cancer. Without having to go down the radiotheraphy/chemo route. That can be such a rough ride. Although weirdly it doesn’t affect some people at all. A friend of mine went through that and wasn’t affected at all, and my uncle also copes with it amazingly well. Luck of the draw I guess.


Yes, it can be ok for some, I coped quite well, apart from the sickness, and not remembering to put gloves on before taking anything out of the fridge, that wasn’t pleasant, being so tired but not sleeping well, the itchiness, other minor irritations, I wasn’t too bad, but who knows what’s on the cards, I will beat this, and there are so many new trials, and different drugs, but at the moment it’s very much going down the route of injecting different poisons and see what helps. Rhod coped so well, and his insight was touching, funny, he certainly made me cry, he’s always been a favourite comedian of mine, and his friendship with Greg Davies is a blast, the pranks each of them play on each other, and the depth of friendship that they share. Stand up 2 Cancer is doing marvelous things and many of us don’t give a thought to it, until it encroaches our lives, be it as a cancer patient, a family member, friend etc, I have to say that I thought I knew about cancer, then when I was diagnosed with it, I found I knew nothing. So many different types of cancer, so many different treatments, operations, chemo, radiotherapy, the drugs, the meds for the side effects, meds for the side effects of the first lot of side effects, the list goes on. I think being able to have a rant, or to be able put thoughts down, and just someone tell you it’s OK to feel sad, ill, tired, grumpy and not be judged it really helps, and the macmillan has been a source of comfort and being able to talk to people whare going through, or gone through, or supported someone going through cancer is a comfort, and also everyone on here has been so amazing and I know I waffle on, but even so everyone’s been supportive and so kind, and that helps, I will continue to fight, when I find out what the next fight will be, scans are in a couple of weeks, and I feel better than I have for ages, so I’m hoping to put off any treatment until the new year, but that depends on what’s going on I guess. I’ll stop waffling now. A big thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of hope, because if we don’t have hope, then things become very dark, and I’d rather be walking in light than struggling in darknesss, my little island is a bit bigger than it has been and the sharks aren’t circling just yet, ask me again in a month or so and it may be different. We all have our journey in life and we cope the best way we can. Thank you everyone.