S2 Has Hit the US

I’m in the UK but I didn’t receive a returns bag. I was going to use the box it came in but unfortunately my dog decided that it looked to neat and tidy so he chewed it! :woman_facepalming: should there have been a bag in the box?


Hi @natashahailey, thanks for messaging! I will look into this with ops and see what we can do :slight_smile:

Hello fellow greenthumber,can you let me know how that goes and the steps uou took,pop me an email,id love to try that too Alex x🌱

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Yes im off kilter too…im logging total but its so broken.Im finding our bodies might be doing the same as when we trialed s1 valerian,finding its groove w now passionflora?im really in a limbo.Hope tonights a good rest for you xx

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We will get there xx

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I’m in California too but still waiting for my kit to arrive …lucky you! Supposedly shipped 3.5 weeks ago. Has passiflora helped you?

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Sleep since job loss