Sleep entry post 23.59 for the previous night

Yesterday I forgot to register my sleep before 23.59 and I remembered (post midnight) to register my sleep for the night before … however, that was registered for sleep for that day and I couldn’t report how long I slept that night (about 6 hrs) as I had already made an entry … is there a way for us to when we make a report to allow the user to suggest whether they are making a report for last night or a previous night? … may be tricky, but the default position for journalling sleep could be “last night” … but if you touch that, we may want to show the night’s for which we don’t have data and the user could then fill in the journal … just a thought. See what you think! KM


I think that’s an excellent idea @Kaveh , I’m pretty sure there will be many of us who might forget a night but still remember roughly how well that went.

In the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard:


Very good call @Kaveh
We’ll add this feature to our backlog!