Sleep patterns all over

So I thought I would give you an update and little more information on me. So my sleep is still all over the place had no sleep last night I have bigger bags under my eyes than a GuGGI bags. I do suffer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that doesn’t help does anyone else suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia?


Hi, i think a few of us on here have fibromyalgia, including myself (+ arthritis), so can relate to your sleep patterns.
You say that your sleep is still all over the place. Why “still”? Have you been on the herbal mouth sprays or have yoh had the fragrances, you didn’t say?


I have tried sleep spray, CBD, herbal tablets I’m hope these sprays work.


I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and degenerative disc disease. My sleep pattern is awful! Im either passing out exhausted or wide awake most of the night. When i do get to sleep ita only for a few hours a night and im constantly waking. Im still on journaling stage at the moment


It’s amazing to have you here with us on this journey @Joanne1979 snd can’t wait to see if one of our current power plants can’t unlock the right pathway for you …: the good news is if you’re on the S3 ashwagandha wave we are going to be circling through valrian and passiflora shortly and these hit completely different pathways … when we did our first two global pilots last year we discovered some
Pioneers had amazing responses to one plant and none to another … so a strong none responses to a plant on sofi is incredibly useful in guiding our journey towards the ones that will make a difference … in the meantime … hopefully this amazing and empathetic community can give some love and care … they have been an amazing source of strength for the entire sofi team through our development cycles … so I can say you are in a good place … wishing you a restful and hopefully more restorative night tonight :pray: