Sofi app suddenly crashed and now will not open - HELP!

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all good and not experiencing this same issue!

So I’m on day 2 of Valerian, I was just journal lint for how my sleep affected me today and every time I finished it would start it again at the first question, stuck in a loop! Then, it crashed! And now when I go to open it it immediately crashes. I’ve tried ending the app, restarting the phone. I’m thinking I might need to reinstall it but I’m worried about the possibility of losing my Progress! If I delete the app will I also delete my data? And does anyone have a fix for this issue? Please let me know!

Thank you x


Hi @RuaKasumi
No, you won’t lose any data when reinstalling as the data is secured on the server.

So please try that while we are looking into the issue on our side. Sorry about this bug :grimacing:


Just fixed something. Everything should work now but please let me know how it goes!