App crashing for some reason

I’m trying to log for my journal and the app keeps crashing for some reason


Hi @OberonMoon,

Thanks for posting - and sorry to hear about the app crashing for you! if you have a screen recording you can provide, that would be a great help so we can try to see exactly where something may be going amiss in the app. Any additional details you can provide (like when this first started happening, and whether it’s every time) would also be a huge help for our dev team. x

I did send you an email but I haven’t seen a reply as of yet. And the app is still crashing

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Hi @OberonMoon - so sorry for the delay! I have passed your screen recording and app details over to the dev team and am waiting to hear back. We are however about one week away from the launch of our new sofi app (totally redesigned!) and so it may be the case that any crashing with the current app is naturally resolved then.

In the meantime, I can confirm that you’re all qualified and ready to go for the S3 which we should have an update on very soon!

Thanks so much for your patience with us :pray: :blush:

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I thought I had to do a base line first? Before getting the next set of sprays


That’s correct @OberonMoon - however I can see over 100 journals from you in the past 6 months, so we understand that you are still active despite the recent crashes. As soon as the new app is up and running, it will be great to get that baseline of yours re-established in the days before Program launch.

Then, from the S3 onwards your journaling activity will decide how quickly you receive your Pioneer Pack. This is because the time between each of our Programs is now on track to be significantly reduced.

In other words, you’ll have a month long trial with the plant, approximately 3 weeks of journaling without the plant (we call this the “wash out” period for the plant), followed by another plant very shortly after.

I hope this helps to clarify things. Moving forward with the new app, we’ll also be getting exciting new features such as “streaks” and an up-to-date sofi score to guide your activity and ensure that you’re receiving the next plant ASAP :pray: :blush:

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