Sofi product testing

I am supposed to journal about my product? I don’t know where to do that?


Hiya, @Deb
If you have downloaded the Sofi app, as soon as you open it, it should show a box you can click, it will say ‘journal now’ which will take you through to the journaling page, with instructions you need to follow to answer questions.

The first time u go into the app it should allow you to set up a profile, then the journaling page should come up automatically every day once u click ‘journal now’.

Hope this helps? :hugs::hugs:xx


Thank you. I have app and have been journaling but I thought there was a different spot to talk about the fragrance. As that is what I’m testing. The journal is only once and asks about my sleeping


If the fragrances are using the same set up as the herbal mouth sprays, there are 2 opportunities to journal in a day.
First in the morning up until 4pm, 2nd in the evening after about 7pm. They ask different questions


Thankyou for adding :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl: @drmudlark
I tried, but I only know so much, and I haven’t had my pods yet @Deb :joy::joy:🩷🩷:hugs::hugs:

Hope u can get it sorted 🫶🏽🥰xx