Sofi Sprays really work!

Hello All :wave:

Just a little update with my journey on Sofi! :blush:
My Sofi Stick unexpectedly broke when charging, every piece of the Sofi brain fell apart. I have messaged the Sofi team @alexwalkerjones and I’m now waiting on a replacement, I understand that this may take some time and I’m very patient because Sofi does work!

When my Sofi Stick was working and I was recording my sprays, I slept like a baby everynight for 10 nights in total! Then on day 10 my Sofi Stick unfortunately broke :sob:

Now my Sofi Stick is broken, so is my sleep :pensive: I keep waking up in the middle of the night and I hate it…

Praying that my Sofi replacement Stick comes soon!

Sofi Team who has delt with my issue (@alexwalkerjones) is doing a fantastic job :clap: and I want to say thank you for keeping me updated! :blush: I’ll look forward to getting my Sofi replacement stick and my Sofi Journey back on track soon!

StaceyTsReviews 🩷


Sorry to hear it broke :frowning: hopefully a new one will be with you soon ! And I must agree @alexwalkerjones always does a fantastic job !


Can you use the sprays without the stick? We used to be able to manually log sprays, and then keep having great sleep, as sofi stick was battery powered, not rechargeable when i joined last year, then it got a new facelift, but if you can still manually log sprays, you can journal and still have great sleep


Hi missTQ, i asked about the manual option to log sprays when mine arrived, but apparently you cant do that now x


These things happen :blush: fingers crossed a new one will be with me! 🩷


I wish I could do that but there isn’t no option to do that now :disappointed: it’s just unfortunate


It’s unfortunate that we can’t do that now :pensive:


Yes it is, but you’ll be sorted soon. Then you’ll be back on the journey of finding sleep.