Sometimes you should write not post

I wanted to apologise for the post i put up last night. I was feeling down and should have written it on paper, not posted it out to the world. But thankyou to everyone who replied. It meant a lot…not sure whether you can remove topics or not.


Im so sorry to hear you feel so low.

Ive been in your situation. My ex husband used to tell me that my drinking & mental health problems were to blame for our marital problems.

As soon as he left me for another woman, i realised he was the reason i was drinking and had mental health problems.

We drink for a reason… because were unhappy!

If the problem started when you met him, hes the problem.

Good luck xxx


First things first, well done for reaching out - that’s the hardest and first step and you did it! You say you drink to cope, what are you trying to cope with? Do you have outside support? Friends or family to lean on? I strongly urge you to speak to your GP if you’re struggling, and access mental health services. Services like Alcoholics Anonymous are there to support you too, the Samaritans have a free phone number and are available all day.
You’ve taken the first step, you’ve got this.


You have been extremely honest here and this is the first step. I hope you have support from friends and family.

Stay strong