Spray lost connection

Changed pod and now I can’t connect to my phone?? Any help would be appreciated, thank you xx


Hi @porshaspettles - thanks for your question!

I’ve noticed some Pioneers run into the same issue, so hopefully we can fix it promptly:)

I suspect there might be a connection issue, because of the change between the new and old pod. With that being said, you may not be able to connect it to your sofi app all the time that your current / old pod is paired.

The best way to test in this case, would be to allow your current / old pod to run out of charge. Then, to log out and log back into the app (this will disconnect any previously paired pods), and then finally try to pair your new pod and see whether the connection to the app is established.

Please let me know if it helps! :pray: :herb:


Ok so I logged out and lost everything now it won’t let me do anything
Any help would be appreciated
Thank you in advance


Hi @porshaspettles, when you say you “lost everything,” do you mean that none of your previous journaling data / sofi seeds are appearing in your account?

If this is the case, the most likely explanation is that instead of logging back into your account, you may have accidentally created a new one. This occurs when you use an alternate sign-in method - such as using FB or google to log in instead of typing out your email (or vice versa).

Could you try logging in with your original sign-up method, if you happen to recall it?


I had the same problem when I first started using the Passiflora spray. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get it to connect to the app but it has been intermittently connecting then unconnecting again. I have continued to spray and journal even though a lot of the sprays haven’t been recorded on the app. I logged out but couldn’t get logged back in with my original login details so I deleted the sofi app from my phone, went to the App Store and downloaded it again. I then sent a forgotten password request, followed the link and entered all the same information from my original setup. Now the Passiflora is connecting and counting the sprays as I use it. Fingers crossed that it confuses this way until I have finished the spray :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: My records are still inaccurate but at least it seems to be keeping on track now :smiley:


@alexwalkerjones I’m still unable to pair the new Sofi stick, it wont have it, I’ve tried all suggestions , and a few of my own, but apart from throwing it at the wall I’ve tried everything, throwing it at the wall something I thought about, in frustration, but I managed to restrain myself, thats because I have 2 cats recovering from different illnesses, Miss Tee had serious operation to remove 10cm of her bowel, then a virus, she actually lost part of her tongue because of the virus, the vet thinks was caused by the stress of the op, Ghost Lee had a very bad kidney infection after he was neutered, was in the vets for 3days and 2 nights, he was home by christmas, and they are all doing so well, Miss is more of a worry, but fingers crossed they’ll be ok. I’m using one of the older Sofi stick, thats logging the sprays, though sonetimes it misses the odd spray, even though I spray slowly. So apart from the sofi stick not working, worrying about the cats, anxious about upcoming chemo, I’m ok!!! Happy New Year everyone


Hi @MissTQ, super grateful for the kitty updates, and glad to hear you are hanging in there :pray: I can’t imagine the worry you’ve had the past few months! I’m hoping that Miss Tee will pull through, and get some of her strength back soon

We certainly do not want your misbehaving sofi pod to contribute to further stress (or end up in pieces against a wall :laughing:) so please let me know your thoughts on the following:

I’d like to arrange for a collection and repair / replacement of your sofi pod. In the case that it’s a malfunction of the device, this would be covered under your device warranty, and thankfully - so long as your aren’t limited by use of your older sofi pod - you wouldn’t need to miss out on any of your journey in the meantime.

If that works for you, please let me know the best dates/times for a collection, and we’ll get it sorted asap :love_letter:

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Hi Alex, I’m quite happy to carry on using the old sofi stick, I have 2 older ones and they both work ok, so I’m happy to carry on using them. Thanks for your kind words, Miss Tee is into mischief so she’s nearly back to normal, Ghost Lee hasn’t seem bothered by being veey ill, he just wooed everyone at the vets, from vets, nurses to reception staff, he was showered with fusses before we left. As for me, I’ll cope, I usually do.


Isn’t it just lovely when all the staff love your cat/pet…especially when you cannot be there with them because they are at the vet. It makes one happier AND it makes sure that they are taken extra good care of, because you know that they will be checked on more frequently :two_hearts: You are also in our thoughts as you continue on this difficult journey of yours.


Hi Cathy, yes it does make it easier knowing the cats are relatively happy at the vets,Ghost stayed in overnight, which they don’t normally do, Miss was transferred to the out of hours vets after her op,so they could keep an eye on her, that was £600, he was calm when he was there, so thankfully he didn’t need to be collected and transferred, but they still charged over £150 for the night, but he’s OK now, and that’s all that matters. My journey is a long one, but hopefully this round of chemo will be the last, as the tumor shrank, and hopefully it’ll go with this round, of not after 6 rounds I will have to have radiotherapy, every day, except weekends, for 2 or 3 weeks, and still have the last 6 rounds of chemo. Its tough, but so am I, I will beat it, and the cats are qlways happy to be fussed, great for drying my tears, they are affectionate, though Ghost can be rough when he plays, my hands are covered in scratches, but it was the same with Miss, she’s a gentle soul, as is TeeTee and they make my world a happy one. I hope you’re OK, and at least getting some sleep, I’m always tired, and yesterday I did sleep in the afternoon, not something that usually happens. I’ve started having sprays of ashwagandha and passiflora at night, and it seems to be a combination that helps me get more sleep, though the ashwagandha tastes horrid. I forgot to put gloves on when I took milk out of the fridge today, my sister came to see me, so my hand is quite painful, it’ll wear off, I just need to engage my brain more, weird little things can cause pain, anything cold, I need to wear gloves if I go in the fridge or freezer. But it’ll pass, I have to believe that, or I may just lose my mind, but positivity is my mind set, and thats a big part of the battle, no matter how weary I am, I know I’ll beat it. I have to, I have 3 cats, and Steve has 1, so we need to be around for them.