Stomach Bug ( TMI warning)

Came home after work Monday with bad reflux. Ended up on the :toilet: and :face_vomiting: a couple of times. Thankfully the :face_vomiting: didn’t continue but what I’ve coined as the “butt faucet” did.

I took Tuesday off from work I’m case I had an “accident”. Turned into a Netflix and nap day in between bathroom visits.

I’m back to normal eating. :toilet: is nearly there.

Hubs had this same thing but started Saturday. He hasn’t been on the :toilet: for a few days but that would be normal for him (his :poop: is infrequent). I told him that I got this bug from him. He blamed it on the :cat2: (don’t know about reflux but she’d been puking and having diarrhea recently).

My temperature wasn’t ever over 100.8F and I never felt badly so it has been an odd experience.


@BrandNewMe I’m so sorry you and your hubby have been poorly :cry: There are a lot of Noro virus cases around and working in healthcare I’ve never seen so many infections as this year so far! Unfortunately the pandemic seems to have really upset a lot of people’s immune systems :scream::worried: I’m glad you’re feeling better though. Try and duck next time! :blush:


Butt faucet? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m so immature this made me laugh too much, I hope you’re feeling somewhat atleast a little bit better :slight_smile:


Hope you’re better soon, had similar problem myself so know how you felt. Did you mean “butt force it”?


The last time I was sick for more than a day was December 2019 so I could’ve had a bit of the original covid. :thermometer: was 104.5F (was at work all day so I didn’t know this until I got home); I was lethargic and lost my appetite. Had a lingering cough that lasted months after…probably tied into the vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) that I was diagnosed with last year.


Yes @Aaron & @CjaJose butt faucet…like someone turning the knob or lifting the handle on the sink … really wanted a faucet emoji to put in my post. LOL No FORCING the liquid for sure.

:roll_of_toilet_paper::warning: If you’re experiencing the butt faucet and feel the need to fart, DON’T! Head straight to the :toilet:.


Been there, done that.:angel::face_with_hand_over_mouth: