@sammy I think what you’re saying is entirely logical … but we are thinking of something more “sofi” for the seeds. You see, on pricing, we have pretty much activated the platform at cost plus so it allows our existing base thag wish to continue to join at the price point that allows us to operate the system. Our plan is that for all early sign up pioneers to freeze their pricing for life. We are thinking of doing something differently with seeds - you see our three core guiding principles at sofi have been “purity of plants”, “power of people” and “preservation of planet” … we have worked hard to make these strong virtues from our formulation work, to the creation of this community or looking at our production material and processes. But we can do more.

We are going to begin to make a range of causes that align with sofi - specifically looking at folks working in biodiversity and conservation, mental and physical health and we plant to commit to these as a portion of our revenues. Which ones we commit to will be voted by our community here (using their seeds). We are also going to create a range of cool things (from planting tress to … sofi candles … working on this as soon as we get the activation on the other side), and these again will not be possible to purchase with money but only seeds in a special “seed bank / merch / cause” way … so the sofi seeds will be to bind our values, our pioneers and our causes together … but promise more this super soon! :heart::pray: