This app is fab!

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Has a vegan and my diet is wholly plant based I really think this Sofi app is gonna be fab! Really is gonna help us because plants are powerful little beautiful natural wonders that in ancient times were always used in remedies and I myself always believe they help. I’ve Already received my pebble yesterday aswell, took photo on app and awaiting the next steps.

Love, peace and positive energy guys :peace_symbol::v:t3:


Love to have you here as part of this community @Sarahcollins … you know our three pillars that binds the sofi team and I suspect t much of the community here in part … purity of plants. Power of people. Preservation of planet. We strongly are amazed at the shared 25 million year history with these natural wonders … after all this time, it’s hard to imagine how we could survive without each other :pray: