Tried to end study but not recognised

My journal has stopped asking for sleep, I completed the first pod, 2nd wasn’t spraying at all so went straight to the 3rd which stopped giving a full spray after a few sprays. No sprays recorded accurately on the app and now I can’t end the study because apparently I’m not connected.


Hi @mel-hardy - thanks for your post, and glad to have you here in the treehouse! There seem to be a couple things to figure out here so I"m tagging @Kirill to help advise on app.

My understanding of the issues is as follows, please correct me if anything is wrong:

  1. journal is not asking for sleep

  2. second capsule is stuck / not spraying.

  3. sprays not recording in the app.

  4. you are unable to select “end study” on your journey map.

Next, I have some questions / answers pertaining to each.

  1. Could I please confirm that this is the morning journal that you’re referring to? A journal after 5:59PM will not have the sleep questions whatsoever.

  2. To double check, there is visible liquid inside? This will make sure I’m raising the correct issue with our labs.

  3. Are the pod and capsules pairing at all, and sprays are being missed for another reason… or is the issue with getting the app and pod to pair? Tt would also be great to confirm that your sofi pod has recently been charged.

  4. This is a bug we are currently aware of, however it is non critical, so it has been added to the back log and we hope to have a fix for it soon!

Thanks for your patience while we work to sort these errors out. Look forward to hearing back from you in the meantime!

I try to record sleep at around 7am, it worked for the months preceding the capsule use.
First pod operated fine but sprays recorded occasionally and incorrectly.
2nd capsule is full and doesn’t spray at all, inside or outside the pod.
3rd pod is half full but doesn’t release a full spray.
Pod is pairing and is fully charged but won’t let me end the study.
I’ve tried everything suggested in the Treehouse and nothing works.

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I see! Thank you for confirming this. It sounds like you’re doing everything right and may have just had an unlucky batch of capsules this wave. We don’t see these issues often so will do everything we can to get to the bottom of them.

Could I ask you to provide a photo of the caps of your capsules? There should be a tiny, almost microchip-looking sticker on the top of each and this is the RFID that’s needed in order for capsules to be recognised and for sprays to count.

Many thanks for your troubleshooting help, and I’ve flagged the missing sleep journal questions with our tech team.

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Thank you kindly @mel-hardy! I will wait to hear back from our tech team and be in touch ASAP.

Directions in general for the study are pretty terrible. Very little guidance of what we are supposed to be doing other than just doing the same thing we have been for weeks—no end in sight!

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Hi @Skorz8861,

Thanks for your feedback! It is the very first time we have ever launched a fragrance study, so there is much improvement to be made, we have no doubt! :blush:

We’d love to hear any specifics you can give. For example, did the email you received with the subject line: “sofi | your journey starts here…” help to explain the process at all?

Thanks again! :pray:

I am a regimented schedule type person—I think it’s helpful to receive an email laying out what is expected of us daily. When to spray, when to log, when to switch fragrances. Feels a bit like we are guiding ourselves

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I’ve just heard back @mel-hardy, and there are some things we can try to hopefully solve the issue.

When you have a moment, could you check whether a green light comes on when you press? (You may need to spray while looking at a mirror, or by spraying into a cup to catch the light!) Also great to make sure that the app is opened while spraying, and that you are pressing down hard, and swiftly all the way.

If this changes anything, please let me know.

This makes sense @Skorz8861, and thanks for taking the time. We are in the process of creating some fragrance-specific notifications that we can opt-in to for those that prefer the reminders and guidance a couple times per day, so hopefully you will approve and find them of use once implementing (I can’t say that I’m certain of the ETA).

Important to note is that how, when, and where you spray is purposefully designed to be left up to individual preference and/or interpretation, however switching between capsules (after 6 days, with 1 day of no sprays), journaling routine, etc is more regimented so I couldn’t agree with you more there.