Using two pods simultaneously

Ive just signed up for the subscription service and have had to choose a pod (I’m curious as to why, given that I already have the latest pod? There was no option not to order a pod though) and I was wondering whether it’s possible to have two pods actively linked to an account and use both simultaneously? I have a terrible habit of forgetting either the after dinner spray (because the pod is in the bathroom from the previous evening) or the evening spray (because the pod is on my desk after dinner). I’m terrible with reminders (I do have them set, but they don’t help me much), but if both can be used I can have one in each location I need it the most. Thanks!


Hi @jeni.crawley007 - this is a great question!

Although the pods included in your subscription may look similar, the product to be sold has gone through extensive hardening and improvement, making it the first generation of pod acceptable to be actually sold!

In addition, any pod currently in the hands of Pioneers have had to strictly have to be given away due to certification regulations, not having the right device markings for a product that is to be sold, etc - so we unfortunately can’t include them as part of a paid package/service.

The best thing in this case it to let the battery in your current pod drain prior to connecting your new one, as the sofi app will naturally try to connect to the one it’s already familiar with. If the battery on your old pod is dead, you shouldn’t experience any problems pairing to the new device!

I hope that helps to clarify things xx

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Hi Alex, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The main query in my post was whether to pods could be run and connect to the app at the same time. Thanks!


Absolutely and happy to help anytime !

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Hi Alex, sorry to be a pain, but the actual question that I have is as follows

Is it possible that two pods can be used and connected to the app at the same time?



Not yet @jeni.crawley007 … I was an edge case on this as I was doing both the third and fourth sofi studies (S3 - Ashwa) and (S4 - focus) simultaneously and was testing both the third gen black and white sofi pods … so had to use two instances of the app (ended up using an old phone) … but this is feature I am keen on myself as I can imagine using a functional fragrance like focus on the go and have a pod by the bed stand for the sleepy plants … so in the feature list and with our dev team @Kirill to enable by end of year :pray:


Thanks Karen, and it’s great to hear that this is something that’s being worked on!