Valeriana x Freaky Dreams

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well and good and getting the best out of these incredible plants we’ve been blessed with!

I’m so pleased to have received another refill of Valerian! It’s my favourite, and I’m super pleased to find it doesn’t seem to be as extreme on the tastebuds as the previous batches -has anyone else found any difference in this batch at all?

Also, my first night back on Valerian (two nights ago) I finally managed to get some long, deep sleep! But I was met with the most realistic, bizarre dream that turned quite dark by the end of it. It was a long and highly detailed dream that I genuinely felt pretty unsettled by. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences on Valerian or Ashwagandha?

Big love!
Ruru x


Hi Rua, i also found the taste much nicer this time round.
I wonder if sofi have modified it or whether it is our taste perception :thinking:
I have been dreaming but nothing unsettling and i think no more than without the sprays.