Wearables - how to connect?

Hi how do I connect my app to my Apple Watch??
It is not giving me the option for Apple?
Or am I being thick :rofl::rofl:


Hi @bundy.scally! It’s not you it’s us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I believe we are in the process of integrating with Apple, in order for your watch to be paired via the app!

I’ll double check with @Kirill on a potential ETA for the link :pray:


I was really interested in the wearables study, but I have a HUAWEI which is also not supported currently. I know it’s probably a bit of a nightmare to get all these different brands incorporated, especially with the troubles with HUAWEI recently, but would love to try it in future. Good luck with it :grin:


Hi @bundy.scally - just letting you know that we have finally introduced the option to pair sofi with Apple watch :partying_face: :herb:

I will attach a video to this reply in case you need the exact instructions on how to do it! Please let me know if it works)


Oh yeah that’s great news, I’m off to pair it now :grin:



Mine consistently does this (Samsung watch with Google fit installed so should work in theory)


Hmm @Jamsterdm, this is certainly strange and I’m wondering if you may be on an older version of the sofi app. I don’t suppose the App Store shows any updates available under “sofi health?”

If not, unfortunately yet only thing I can think of is to uninstall and reinstall the sofi app, upon which it will ask you to log in and pair your pod again - and oftentimes this acts a “reset” for the system, forcing any pending updates through.

Please let me know if it helps!


Nope Apparently I am on a beta version tho…?? I tend to hit beta, wherever possible. No updates pending…


Hi @Jamsterdm - I suspect the beta version is responsible, as I believe we transitioned away from this many months ago (tagging @Kirill to confirm as I am not an Android user and can’t personally double check what appears for your local App Store).

Is there an alternative “sofi health” that comes up for you via search? If so, you should be able to install that one, log in all the same, and then delete the beta version just to be sure :blush: :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully that helps!

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Ah ok. Upon further viewings it doesn’t appear to be beta it just says sofi (early access)
Version wise it is 3.7.0 tho if that’s any help to anyone…

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