What do you do when you feel that you're wasting your life?

I’m 26, and used to have a well paid job, but was draining me off so bad, that made me have a burn out, so I decided to quit and move to the UK for a couple of months to be with my boyfriend.
I like being in the UK, but I feel that I don’t have a life here, it has been almost a year, and I can’t find jobs, or make friends or anything; it just makes me feel so frustrated and its even worst when my family asked me what I’m planning to do with my future, since I don’t have a house or even a car, and that age is just passing by, I don’t have a hurry (I think), but I don’t like that people sees me like that :frowning:
I love my boyfriend a lot, but I think more than supporting me, he’s just holding me back, because he doesn’t have any aspirations and have settled with the minimum, is love enough?


Hi @ancb13 and welcome to the Treehouse community.

Those are some really big questions. While we don’t have the answers here at sofi, we can offer a friendly community where we often explore how we’re feeling about anxiety and sleep and all things related.

We hope you will feel welcome here and we’re glad to have you with us!



Hi @ancb13 ……you sound like you are going through a tough time and it’s hard when you are away from your family network. I know before when I have gone through some major changes that the lack of sleep and anxiety made everything seem ten times worse. Try not to be too hard on yourself take time out to think what’s most important to you is it your work, boyfriend, country ….sort the basics out and then everything will hopefully fall into place. Your still young 26 is a great age to start deciding what you want to do. Good luck x


It’s easy for the love and interest of family to feel pushy or judging, sometimes it is, but that’s rarely all it is, they often just want the best for us. That said, don’t let the expectations of others define happy for you or take away from what you have. Take some time and figure out what you want, there’s no rush, you’re right, you’re young and have plenty of time.

I’m in a not too dissimilar situation, and for me taking up yoga/tai chi classes (or anything else where the people tend to be friendly) helped a lot with my sense of belonging in the past so I’ll be taking that up again. I’m also changing careers to something far less well paid and only part time but much more enjoyable. Have a think about what might do it for you. Being with someone with low motivation can feel like an excuse to become the same, but as long he is supportive of you chasing dreams, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Ultimately happiness is something only you can define for yourself, no matter how good their intentions, listening to others tell you how it “should” look will often make it harder to find. Deep down, you will know what you need, hopefully discovering the wonderful community here is just the first step in that for you.

This song might be helpful Xavier Rudd - We Deserve To Dream - YouTube