What is the pebble actually for?

Although I appreciate the gesture of the pebble, what’s the significance of it?


Hi Mark, the pebble is to confirm that the sofi stick will get delivered to you when it’s ready to be sent out, also it’s a nice little gesture from the sofi team :heart_eyes: If you haven’t already , can you send a picture to @alexwalkerjones ( preferably in hand ) so they can confirm you for the sofi stick. :slight_smile: have a great weekend !


Ah right I just thought I was missing something tbh lol. I’ve sent a pic of it in hand already, thanks for clearing it up :+1:


Really grateful @Aaron snd @markwhittles delighted to have you here with us. There are a few other reasons for the sofi surprise (pebble) in addition to validating each Pioneer and ensuring that we can reach them to send the S1 boxes. Here are a few reasons:

  1. If is a physical reminder for folks like me who have deactivated most digital notification to remember to sofi (journal and use the sofi stick); you may want to place it on a table near where you chill out post dinner or on a bed night table as a further reminder (in the physical world);

  2. We love to see it in the palm of your hands as sofi is about bringing an ability to impact chronic conditions within an arm’s reach;

  3. It is about mindfulness, something entirely ordinary that has been picked from a beach by our avid beach walker, packed by our sofi team to you and now in your hand … something physical that connects us - something entirely simple and physical;

  4. …. There are more reasons but perhaps we leave those for you to discover .

As always grateful to have you on this journey with us @markwhittles snd your S1 box is now reserved. Wishing you gents a restful evening. :pray:


Love all of these words.