When do we get the questions about sleep

Hqs anyone had the questions asking how our sleep has been over the last 7 days? I know I had them when I was using passiflora, but not with valerian, but that was maybe because I was manually logging my sprays, I found it great to be able to explain what had been going on, mind set, worries, health problems etc. I think @drmudlark said that she’d had one since the ashwagandha trial began, I haven’t, just gonna tag @alexwalkerjones here, see if she knows anything.


You are right @MissTQ , i did have one after a few days but couldn’t see my typing on the 3rd Q because it was hidden behind my keyboard.
Then i had another after a week or so but i was in a hurry to be somewhere so was hoping to fill it in on my next visit, but i didn’t see it again.
I’m expecting one more, perhaps when i finish my 3rd pod? I would like to explain that my recent anxiety and reduced sleep in recent days is entirely due to external events. Im still happy with Ashwagandha.
As you say missTQ, it is useful to be able to add a few notes while using the sprays. I shall watch this space for @alexwalkerjones to answer you.
I hope you are doing ok :heartpulse:


Hi @drmudlark I haven’t had a single question yet, as for me, I’m managing, had a bad night night last night, but sleep is better than with valerian, i too have external problems, wnd am on a lot of meds at the moment, still sometimes sleep evades me, but ashwagandha hws helped me, passiflora did too. I seem to be onw roundabout of hospital and home, rareky go anywhere else, and rarely have the energy to even want to go anywhere,but im coping better than i hoped, the chemo drains me for a week, yet still i dont get more than an hour or so of sleep, ashwagandha has helped me to drop off quicker, but doesn’t help me to stay asleep. I shall persevere, oncologist suggested some other meds, but i dont want anymore than i already have, wgich is a considerable amount. So im hoping to find something that will help me to stay asleep. The longest ive been able to get is 1hr and 45 mins, that was after first chemo, it drained me. I hope you’re keeping well


This is incredible perseverance @MissTQ and we are so incredibly grateful to have you on this journey with us … I really hope that our power plants are helping nudge a little bit more sleep and calm for you. I wish you a more restful and restorative night Rosemarie :pray:


Hi @MissTQ,

Thank you for this post! I had a further look into the scheduling of our different journaling options and it appears that on day 2 and 6 of journaling with each of the three flavour capsules, a survey is randomly selected between the questions:

  1. a journal about your day…

  2. what was your initial reaction when you tasted this formulation…what did you like about the taste… what didn’t you like about the taste…etc

  3. how are you feeling right now…how has your sleep been over the last two weeks…how have you felt over the past two weeks…etc

Is it question set #3 is the one you are referring to? It’s really interesting feedback to learn which questions you prefer and which you don’t - and we may want to move away from randomisation if the odds are that our favourites are getting skipped!

Thanks again and hopefully this is helpful! x


I havent had any of these questions, not since passiflora, I’d love to give feedback about my journey, why ive picked the bubbles and whats going on to make me choose each bubble, I’ll keeo my fingers crossed and see if any are forthcoming. :pray:


Thank yo ufos letting us know @MissTQ - we are looking into this right away! Those are my favourite questions too! x

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