Where is my stick?

I have been logging my sleep pattern for 40 nights now, received my stone and uploaded a photo of it in my hand… But still haven’t received my stick?


Hi Lucy, don’t take my word for it but it could possibly be that you will be going onto the S2 programme what’s due in may with the passiflora batch, @alexwalkerjones should be able to confirm this :slight_smile:


Hi @lucy.san - Aaron is correct :slight_smile: your S2 Pioneer Pack is reserved, and as we are currently in the midst of production our estimate shipping date is mid-May. I’m attaching some links to follow along the production and formulation-crafting process:

We’ll do our very best to get your Pioneer Pack ready as fast as possible for you, and thanks for your patience in the meantime!


Hi im the same will iv been logging it for 25/26 nyts now… but the lovely @alexwalkerjones told me the gentlemen is away for 2weeks…i think that was a week ago… but its ok we will receive it much love sent ur way :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart: x


Hi @magsxx1990 - that’ll be for your sofi surprise! :love_letter: The S2 Boxes are expected to be ready for Pioneer testing in May! :sparkles: :sofi_moon:


Awhhhh really :pleading_face: but i havent received the S1 yet :flushed::revolving_hearts::heart:

I would most likely say it’s because S1 was already rolled out, and you would have enrolled straight into S2, @alexwalkerjones should be able to confirm this for you :slight_smile:


Awhh ok thank you very much for your reply :blush::purple_heart:

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