Wont register the sprays

2nd stick that wont register the sprays. It shows 0/70 but wont take any sprays on. Tried taking battery out and still no joy.

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Hi @naziqbal76 - thanks for posting and here to help :slight_smile:

If your sprays ever show 0/70 by mistake, the best solution is to head to the profile section of your sofi app (top right → :bust_in_silhouette:) and find the button “reset sprays.” This will reset your spray count to 70/70 for any pod that is currently inserted and allow you to begin counting down again.

Thankfully with the introduction of RFID’s (little electronic ID tags is the way I understand them) for each of our plant pods next Program, we’ll be able to differentiate between pods, even of the same colour and flavour, effortlessly and the app should therefore be able to recognise spray count (70/70) much better :pray:


Similar for me. Its on…off…on…on…off. But i just keep spraying :smiley: