Another suggestion or 2

Ive been thinking again, and I have a couple more suggestions to make the process and treehouse easier.

Firstly, you could make the recirding of sleep more acurate by changing it to sliders of the time you went to sleep and the tjme you woke. This would then add further information about difficulties getting to sleep and times of day people sleep.

Secondly, you could add the option of being able to journal more than once a day. Other like me may feel the need to nap in the day if they haven’t slept well the night before.

Finally, I personally find the treehouse very overwhelming to navigate. I feel if you had more defined areas for members to post. I.e 1 thread for new pebbles, 1 for questions and another for suggestions?

Just some thoughts because I obviously have to much time on my hands :roll_eyes:


Hi, the time of getting to sleep and waking up would be OK but only if you sleep through in one block. For those of us who wake up several times during the night and can be awake for long periods, our sleep time would be over-recorded. In this case i think it would be over- complicated to have to record several different sleep and wake times during one night, even if that were possible.

I hear what you are saying about naps. If i have one in the evening (often comes easier than getting to sleep properly!) then I add it to my night sleep hours in the next morning journal.
But if we have to nap in the day because we slept so badly the night before I’m not convinced that matters in terms of recording our sleep and seeing any improvement with the herbs. Our common goal is presumably not just to sleep better and longer, but also to sleep at the proper time during the night. [Unless you work night shifts!]

I totally agree with your final point and i did suggest the same thing about specific threads for pebbles and other topics last year.

If interested you can see the answers on that thread.

The number of new pioneers has ballooned recently and i have to admit that I am getting quite irritated that I have to scroll through about 100 ‘topics’ about the same things to find something different posted only a couple of days ago! It’s not always easy to remember the title to use the search facility

Also, many of us try to be helpful by answering some common questions, or making suggestions (such as the need now for people who are asking about where and when to spray, to state if they are using the fragrances or herbal mouth sprays - we dont want to give the wrong advice!) but our help will not be easy for new pioneers to find when it disappears so quickly down the page …so the same questions are asked over again, often on the same day.

Still, mustn’t grumble! And i know the team are happy to receive all feedback


I thought the times would benefit to show improvement that you are sleeping at regular times once you are using the herbs
You would still have the option to say how broken your sleep was and how well you slept just like you do now. For example i will record that i had 8 hours sleep last night when i journal today but with the hours added it would show that i was actually in bed for 11 hours. I just thought it would be an additional function for better more acurate recording :woman_shrugging:. Like i said, just a thought though.

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I understand what you are saying, but we will have to agree to disagree on that! That’s fine, it’s good to have a discussion about these things.

8 hours sleep is amazing (the perfect amount is supposed to be 7 or 8 I think) and perhaps you tend to sleep through once you get to sleep? Many pioneers have longed for that for years, or even decades for us older ones!

Some folk on here dont sleep at all some nights (occasionally i don’t) and a few poor souls don’t sleep consecutivly for more than 1 night and must struggle to function. I can’t see how that could be recorded accurately if they have no going to sleep time or wake up time.

I think that for many pioneers, the amount and quality of sleep is the most important. We will know ourselves if our regularity or timing of sleep generally improves but the graphs of actual hours sleep are very useful to look back on over the past week.

If i am in bed for 9 hours and only sleep for 2 of them i would only want the sleep time of 2 hours to be recorded so i could see clearly the difference that some of the herbs make to my actual sleep hours.

Yes we have a qualitative measure of how broken or not our sleep was but it is just that - descriptive, not numerical. So my feeling is that would be less accurate recording.
Sofi has some pretty sophisticated statistical analysis but the analysis will be easiest and best when it involves numbers i am sure.

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Discussion and differing points of view is how you get the best outcome i think. Thats why i posted to get others points of view. Being a chronic insomniac for years i totally understand the no sleep aspect. Personally, at my worst i didnt sleep for 7 nights in a row and the simplest tasks were virtually impossible. I now take several medications to actually get to sleep and even then i still sometimes dont get any, or if i do its very broken. Also, because of 1 of my health problems I rarely get rem sleep so never feel refreshed. This is why i have previously suggested taking health into consideration as several of my conditions, including PTSD and ME impact on my sleep but in different ways

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