This suggestion for the forum might go down like a lead balloon?

I dont know but Just a thought …
I sometimes have trouble finding a thread i have seen and want to go back to, even with the word search facility.
There are a lot of threads, many of them just single posts about receiving the sofi pebble, or receiving the pods. I was wondering if, after about a week of posting those that would give Alex or anyone a chance to reply if they want to, they could either be collated into a single overarching thread or, if that is difficult , be put at the end of the topics?
I cant think that anyone would be offended?? And it would mean not having to scroll down so far to find some early threads, and easier to find an appropriate thread to add to if a new topic isnt necessary.
I have been conscious of starting a new topic because its sometimes hard to find an existing one about a similar issue when there are so many to scroll through.
What do the team and pioneers think?
I hope its OK to make suggestions about the treehouse :thinking:


I agree. I am completely overwhelmed with all the discussions and cannot find my way back. Not used to this type of community, so have lots of learning to do, but frankly just give up pretty easily when things are too difficult that have to do with technology. I think its at least partly age/generational…and I have no kids to help me!:slight_smile: But seems like most people on here know what they are doing…


Hi I agree, I feel I come across topics and stories accidentally rather than know where to go to find things. There is so much interesting and supportive items on here, but I’m probably not finding the majority of it.
I’m not used to forums so probably not familiar with how it actually works, however it’s a godsend having this forum so happy to keep searching,



Hi @drmudlark, as well as @cathy and @jacquij2010,

Thank you for kicking off this discussion and for your suggestions above. If there are any more, feel free to share them. We’re always open to feedback so don’t worry about ideas falling on flat ears.

A little background: We’ve gone back and forth on style a couple of times already in this community. There’s a number of pre-set ways you can display a Discourse platform. And I don’t think we have found the ideal way by any means yet. There’s also the possibility of creating our own full on theme. But that’s very time consuming of course and budget does not allow for that at the moment. But who knows, what wizards :woman_mage: we have in our community.

You can check out some information about the styles here

We had the style you see now to start with, then we set it to having to navigate through to the different categories we have, to land you in each different forum. But that didn’t seem to work as there was a noticeable drop in interaction.

I think that might have been because of the extra click and possibly because you have to immediately make a choice on category, and that puts people off from interacting somehow.

And so we changed it back to landing straight away in the aggregator of all posts. You can adjust the posts you see on the lop left nav-button, which is currently default set to ‘latest’ but you can order the content by category as well for example.

As for aggregating all the ‘pebble posts’ into one post, that’s possible, although for those having posted their pebble story, it will mean they would have a hard time understanding what happened to their posts. As it would suddenly sit in amongst a bunch of other pebble stories in a much longer thread.

It’s the age old weigh up of what to give priority of use in forums and figuring out what is good for those that just arrive and, vs those that are frequent visitors. And the sea of posts they have to wade through. And how can you untangle the push and pull of that navigation vs usability story work.

We could potentially create a specific category for pebble stories and put them all in there? But they’d still show up in the ‘latest’ post view of course. Which is our landing page.

No need for a decision straight away, I’d love to hear further ideas for you or others. I’m sure we can work it out somehow. Or maybe this is one of those situations we’d just have to live with a quirk of the system.


Completely second @vincent’s comment here! We are always open to improve and change things up based on feedback - this community is designed explicitly to serve the sofi community after all :sofi_moon: :sparkles:

Out of curiosity, do you find/use the functionality of the “Treehouse Index” (pinned at the top of your screen) or the search feature often / at all?

We’ve experimented with different formatting, and a place to have all important topics pinned, without everything becoming too overwhelmed, so love to hear any thoughts you can share xx


Great idea. I agree with you


Thank you for your replies Alex and Vincent.
In answer to your questions, yes i have tried the search but not always successfully because sometimes i was looking for something and couldnt remember the topic title.
I cant see a categories option …am i being blind??? so i always used to look at latest which i guess has some related threads after each topic, but then I realised there were interesting threads i had never seen before.

Then i discovered ‘Top’ so i always use that now because everything is on that but there are a lot of single posts about pebbles or pods received to scroll past.

What about grouping these all together under a suitable heading and pinning them to the top of the forum? That way it wouldnt take anyone looking for their post about pebbles arriving etc. very long to find it, in fact if they posted some months ago if would take them less time than scrolling through all the topics. People new to the forum and wanting to post that their pebble was received would see the place to post it as soon as they got into the treehouse if it was pinned near the top. It would also then be quicker for others to scroll through and find discussion topics.

Just a thought :kissing_closed_eyes:


HI @drmudlark,

I’m attaching a screen shot of the categories sections so you can let us know if you see the same! Even with the category organisation here, they are quite broad (categories such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and sofi as a whole, etc). You will see the most popular threads/topics on the right hand side, however, which can be a big help.

On a phone the categories option is a dropdown you can select by first clicking on"Latest"

Then, in line with your suggestion, I’m keen to improve our Indexing system. Could you confirm for me whether or not you see this Index at the top of your page? It is currently pinned for me, but I believe individuals have the option to get rid of it.

We do include a post here related to the pebbles, but we currently don’t group all the photos + individual posts under this heading as you say. I’d love to hear what else might be the most valuable to include here :pray: :sparkles:

Treehouse index | sofi treehouse

Love these discussions and the growth and range of improvements that arise from them - so really grateful for your time! x


Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.
I found the categories - the small green letters were partially covered by text and i hadnt twigged it before…
However i cant see the Treehouse Index af the top of the page or anywhere on my phone and that looks really useful. Do i need to do anything to bring it up?
I have an android phone Samsung galaxy M31
I’ll have another play around to see if i can find it somewhere.


This is what i see when i go into the treehouse.
Im sure i would not have got rid of that useful index. I dont recall ever seeing it


Thank you @drmudlark! That is a mystery why is doesn’t show up, but I’ve gone ahead and re-“pinned” it at the top. The index has a basic breakdown of where to find a few things, but if useful I can happily add specific topics you’d find most useful!

Love this conversation, and super grateful for your help and support :love_letter: :sparkles:


Thankyou. I see it now!


This is great seeing the index now as it enables me to find topics easier and a good place to refer to.

Many thanks


Hi Alex. No, I am so not used to forums…that I did not even understand that that was an index. I saw it and thought it was only taking me back to the intro to welcome to the treehouse. Now I understand better. Thanks. I will try to figure it out…I think like i mentioned before, it just depends on the comfort level of the individual in using these types of forums and communications. As long as you continue to have the individual messaging (which I use as you know!), then I am okay. I am finding too many communications in my life generally, so I do find forums can be a bit much for me, but of course we are all individuals with different needs and interests. Good to know how to find information if I have the time to go searching! Thank you for the replies and efforts to help.


@alexwalkerjones hi Alex, I’ve found the new update, but when i press add address it doesn’t update, the new app looks great and cant wait for the S3 to get to me


@alexwalkerjones ……hi, I’ve managed to update my address and telephone number.


I think you’re ahead of me in this @jacquij2010:pray: