App went back to 70/70

So happy to hear @angelascotney and thank you for letting me know! I will pass the good news along to Mathias :blush: :pray:


Hi @laurent.rossier - lovely to see you in the treehouse again!

WOW! 266 days is incredible :star_struck: :star_struck: To answer your question: absolutely! The stronger the baseline we have for you, the faster (and with greater confidence) sofi can determine how the different plants may be affecting you - whether that’s a residual effect between Programs, or improvements that come and go.

When our S3 arrives with Ashwagandha, (and assuming this plant is helpful for you) your hard journaling work should pay off and we’ll clearly be able to determine affect!


Hiya,so no more passionflora?havebt recieved any refills,but i know you like to do at least 30 day reset bodyclean out before starting new trials…take care xxx


I’ve been quiet a lot lately too because I’ve been getting more active and sleeping more, honestly sometimes I forget to do my spray because I’ve fallen asleep but I always wake after 4hrs sleep so tonight I sprayed when I woke up

This is my current info …what does it mean (the chart) and it seems my stick is bluetethered (if that’s the word lol)


Hi @jacquelinecannon1, thanks for asking! We’re working on a Refill Program with valerian as opposed to more passiflora, but more on the logistics of this coming soon! xx