Doseage timings

I’m really enjoying using Ashwagandha and am feeling positive.
However, I have ADHD and, whilst I’m using the correct doseage daily, it’s not always at the suggested time.
Will this cause a problem with the benefits long-term?


Shouldnt matter. The sofi herbal specialist @pamelaspence has suggested that people who feel generally anxious could take 3 sprays in the morning / daytime instead of 2 lots of 3 in the evening.

Maybe try searching in the treehouse for ‘Ashwagandha spray times’ (or something like that) and you might find what she said


@alexwalkerjones said something about dosage timings in this thread:


You will need to scroll down that thread to find what youxwant to know


Thank you. I had a feeling i might be over thinking it.


Thanks for the tag @drmudlark !

You’re spot on with your answer there. @aparkin82 there is no problem if you don’t always take the dosage at the same time. However I would say that if you are looking to improve sleep patterns, the body does respond well to rhythm. It’s why many of us are hooked on the idea of a morning cuppa, or a bedtime tea. If you are able to hook the act of taking your sofi spray to something that you always do at the same time in the evening, that may help. You could keep the spray by the kettle for example, or next to your toothbrush. But essentially, if your body is getting the right amount in a day the herbs tend not to be too fussy about when you take them :slight_smile:

Hope that helps? :slight_smile: :herb: