Getting boring now

I’ve been journaling for 2 monhs now.

What’s the point? You have sent me a pebble. And that’s it. Thanks for that, but I live near the beach anyway.

Seems a very pointless exercise so I think I’ll call it a day as you certainly haven’t rewarded my contribution.

Shame, but if its not for you …

The next set of new sprays (Chamomile) is due to be released in September. This is still a free trial and the long process of harvesting and extracting the herbs, adding flavours, bottling, hand packing and distributing means that each of the herbs in this trial have been made in sequence.

Early pioneers who joined 18 months ago had to journal for up to 8 months before receiving a trial pack so you wouldnt have to wait anywhere near that length of time. Everything so far, for the last couple of years and most probably for years before when they developed the concept, has been at Sofi’s expense and the team work very hard.

Your contribution as you put it would be for your benefit, to see how the different trialled herbs affect your sleep. Sofi treats people as individuals and your data without the sprays is compared with your data during a programme of sprays. So they are not collecting your data from a couple of minutes journalling each day for the sake of it, or for themselves, but to inform on which herb suits you best.

The pebble is to confirm your address so that the relatively expensive pods and capsules that they send for free (compared with the cost of posting the pebble) will reach you when the time comes for the next batch to go out.

Still, if you wait until they are ready to go into commercial production, later in the autumn, they will have all the herbs ready to go out without the unavoidable delays during the trial, so perhaps you want to wait until then.

If you are at all interested there is a lot of information about Sofi’s goals, their labs, their interactive approach to these natural remedies, the story of the pebbles and the different herbs that have been trialled in the topic etc. which can be found pinned at the top of the Treehouse.


Mine took quite a few months, I stopped journaling, then a few months later received my pod. It was definitely worth the wait and has helped alot


I joined in November 2022 and didnt receive my first trial pack until March 2023… i was feeling the same way as you.

I was getting ready to move. Lack of sleep, stress at work… i was hit and miss with my tracking of sleep and mood.

Please hold on, it is so worth it, being on this join to a good nights sleep.

Finding out what works and doesnt work, i am so glad now i persevered.


Excellent explanation @drmudlark … its not a freebie site (we all generally love perfume samples), this app and study are part of a jigsaw. Everyone is free to carry on to see the bigger picture or pass and let another pioneer/volunteer benefit from the current data sets and frees up a spray unit for somebody else.

Perhaps making your own handwritten journal (private to you, not for sharing) as an extra support to help your stress levels? In the future you can revisit to see your progress

Whatever you decide
Good Luck