Other variables that affect my Sofi journey... Like illness!

I had a thought yesterday, that it might be a good thing to be able to journal other variables in the Sofi app… I’m thinking things that might skew the results, like having COVID! I’ve just recovered from my first ever bout of COVID, which I contracted halfway through using my 2nd pod (Passi) and ran over into the beginning of my 3rd (Ashwa) and it’s had a huge bearing on how I’ve been feeling and sleeping of course!

It just occured to me yesterday as I was thinking about the fact that my bubbles are a lot more positive the last couple of days, my sleep is less broken too (not coughing up a lung or being unable to breathe!) I was also diagnosed with COPD a few months ago but I’m not sure that is recorded anywhere either, as it happened partway thru my Sofi journey… But it definitely has a bearing on how I’m feeling day to day! Days I can’t breathe, I can’t do much and it has a huge impact on my mood!! COVID has also been a perfect mini example of that with all the horrible symptoms I’ve gone through in the last 2 weeks! Lol

I’m not sure how you’d do it, perhaps a free text journal? Which might allow you to adjust your results for illness… Or with the help of our fav treehouse community perhaps there are common variables lots of us share that could lead to recording a different way? Anyway, it got me wondering if the rest of the community have found the same… That bouts of illness or long-term conditions have impacted parts of their Sofi journey but not necessarily all of it, which might be useful for the Sofi team to know when analysing the results from the pioneer programme.

What do people think? I’d love to know!


I agree. I was thinking similar. Today I had to go to a family funeral. I didn’t sleep much last night and I was feeling sad and anxious last night and today. I know why, it’s normal, but I would have liked to jot down in the data that there are good reasons for feeling like this today.


I agree. It would be useful to look back in a couple of months and think ah yes that explains the blip. And then how slow / fast the recovery was.


Yes this would be very useful! I’m a single mum to an SEN child and, although I have never slept well, sometimes my sleep is disrupted by him, or affected by how he has behaved that day. It would be more informative than just seeing ‘well I didn’t sleep well that night, I wonder why?’


Great thoughts here and thank you for sharing your examples all.

That really helps make it more real. And could influence design decisions. So yes, please keep them coming.

We of course will have to weigh up the complexity of the app, and what we ask people to do already.

Some might feel there’s too much journaling as it is. So my initial thought is that these things would be optional. And not intrusive. Like a little cog :gear: somewhere you can tap and add additional information.

Interesting you mentioned free text fields. We had them in the app for a while. And we’ve also had ideas about playing back some of what you’d written a few months back and see if you still feel that way kinda thing.

But adding in short/long term illness, live changing events or even work or kid stress could be interesting to track.

In terms of looking at your own data and what you can look back on, are there any things there that you’d like to see? Or have ideas about?


I think that part of our solutions, particularly for those of us not currently able to access sprays from you, is trying to analyse why we feel like we feel. For example, I often wake up in a morning wracked with anxiety. No idea why. No particular evident reasons. I would love to know what the subconscious triggers are. I can’t find a way of stopping it if I can’t work out the cause. It’s just part of being solution focused. I don’t want to feel like this forever.