Pod is flashing green?

Anyone can tell why my pod is flashing green? Any help please first time using it still on my first spray

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Hi @Sarahcollins - adding @Kirill here to confirm but the lights tend to operate in the following ways:

Green -

  1. Main function is to indicate spray has been pressed (you may not see this as you are spraying into your mouth!)

  2. Also may flash with very low battery


  1. This is most common to see flashing as its main function is to indicate that Bluetooth has synced with the App or has lost sync with the App.
  2. Also indicates that a formulation capsule has been inserted and/or removed


  1. Indicates that the battery is charging. (Sometimes it stays on too long, even after battery has finished charging but this will be fixed in the next program :))

Thank you very much, must be low battery then has haven’t charged it for some time. Thank you again :slightly_smiling_face:

Love, peace and positive energy