Valerian and cats!

Received my SoFi stick today - so exciting! I opened it up after dinner for my first squirts and haven’t stopped laughing since!! I’m starting on no.2 and my cats have been going nuts with the smell of it. So much so that I’ve put the box away but all I have to do is breathe on them and they are rolling around on the floor!!

Entertainment I wasn’t expecting!!

Thank you guys :joy_cat:


This is brilliant @schia.mitchell … love to see some photos hoots or videos of the cats in action if you manage to catch it! Who knew!! :pray:


@Kaveh and @pamelaspence
Is there something scientific behind the pets of our Treehouse members going wild when smelling the Valerian? Curious to learn if there might be a connection here…


This is absolutely too cute!! Who knew! Delighted by the idea that our feline friends are getting a kick out of sofi too :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had a quick search and it seems that cats respond similarly to the smell of Valerian as they do to catnip, and it even works on cats who might not respond to catnip at all, inducing playful and euphoric effects.

(Is also safe for cats, if there are concerns there about contact).


There is a compound called actinidine in valerian root that acts as a cat pheromone and stimulates cats. It’s the same one that is in catnip so the effect is quite similar.

I never realised this until a herbalist friend gave me two valerian plants and my cats shredded them within a day in their frenzy to get at the roots! :joy_cat:

What can I say, my cats are druggies!! :joy:


Hah! That’s well funny. Unintended side-affects! :smiley:


Hi @schia.mitchell !
Yes @laurent.rossier Schia explained it perfectly. Our kitten wouldn’t leave the box of sofi samples when it arrived. 27 bottles of valerian delight for Nala!
Unfortunately i can’t upoad the clip…


If you have any clips send them across on WeTransfer @pamelaspence and I will get them loaded up! I would love to see what the kitties do when they smell our valerian formulations … had no idea about the kitten interaction! :slight_smile:


Oh this is good to read. I just did 3 after dinner sprays and my boy cat came out of hidey hole, sniffing the air like a mad man then beeline straight for my face.

The catnip reference is interesting as he doesn’t get bothered by catnip, but he is incredibly interested in my No. 2 valerian breath :joy::joy::joy:


makes we wonder… we have a lot of squirrels here… let’s see if they will “attack” as well :slight_smile: @shigpakt

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Would love to see some photos of the feline friends loving valerian … I know I have a video from @schia.mitchell ehich I will try to share here … but send anything you can! It may be just as much a pleasure as the sheep lovelies from @sonja.ekkers.77 ! :heart_eyes_cat:


Tuxie gettin’ high!!!