Sofi stories | on sleep with passiflora

As we start preparing ourselves for S2, I turned to our beloved ethnobotanist @MJB and asked him to give us a little story about the medicinal uses of passiflora - about what he had seen in his many journeys and of course also our amazing medical herbalist @pamelaspence and her extensive experience with this beautiful plant. All of our research suggested that after valerian this was an amazing plant for us to focus sofi’s torch powered by our Pioneers. So hope you enjoy this short story on sleep with passiflora.

sofi stories | on sleep with passiflora:



ps as we are now 30 days away from starting to ship the S2 boxes sofi would love all Pioneers to start journalling how they feel again - you may even notice a small dawn beginning to appear on the latest version of the sofi app updates and a third question beginning to be asked in your daily sleep journals. Here we go!


What a brilliant video so informative. Just noticed the extra question about broken sleep, that’s really good thanks. My app is still asking me to journal twice before asking me to go home., don’t know if anyone else is having this on theirs? Also it constantly says day 22 done. I guess the anomalies still keep popping up. Can’t wait to try passiflora it’s beautiful to look at and seems very powerful as a compound. Thanks for all your hard work .:slightly_smiling_face:


Love the visuals! I can’t want to experience passiflora for myself - such a fascinating looking plant! :star2: :hibiscus:


Hi @Eevie, yes I’m also experiencing similar problems with journal not wanting to accept my replies. Occasionally it will continue spinning when i press finish. I am so looking forward to S2 pods. :crazy_face::sleeping_bed::sleeping:


If your local market has fresh passion fruit, and you have not yet tried one, please go ahead and get a few. Two major types, yellow and purple are most found in commerce, and when the fruits are a bit wrinkled, looking overripe, don’t be afraid to grab those. They are the sweetest. Cut the egg shaped fruit in half down the middle and scrape out the sweet pulp, including the seeds and you will have a chewy treat! The outside skin, which would be cup-like after you halve it, can be tossed into the compost. If anyone has thoughts on the taste of these fruits, feel free to share!


Now that sounds like sweet homework @MJB … will definitely be on the look out for them in the local grocer! Thank you again for sharing the story! :pray:


Adding @Kirill and @alexwalkerjones here so we can keep track of this @Eevie … let’s see if the team can come to the rescue! xx :pray:


Thanks for the tip @MJB. Sounds like a plan. Hope to try some soon.


What a wonderful video. Can’t wait to start this trail!! :kissing_heart:


Absolutely gorgeous work! :heart:

Such beautiful imagery, the lovely soothing tones of our sofi voiceover, combined with such interesting information.

I used to have a huge passieflora plant in my previous house. It took over my complete backgarden with wall to wall flowers. And with that particular species being an evergreen it made it feel like I was living in the forest :deciduous_tree: