S2 Pioneer Pack Audit - Have you received yours yet?

Haven’t received mine yet. Waiting patiently :relieved:


Thankyou @alexwalkerjones i cant wait! You’ve all been working so hard to get these done xx


Hi Renee, welcome to the sofi treehouse! We’re so glad to see you here.

It looks like you’re over halfway there with completing your baseline :star_struck:

Once your baseline of 10 days of journaling is complete, we’ll send you a message to confirm your address followed by a small surprise for you to receive in the mail. This is our fun way to confirm that your Pioneer Box and plant pods will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be!

Finally, once you’ve received your surprise, then your Pioneer Box is officially reserved under your name! Currently you are on track to participate in our S3, and I’ll link the S3 updates thread for you just here: S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Kind regards and hope to see you around often!


Not received mine yet


I was just about to ask today. Oh gosh I hope it works for me !!! Pleeeeeez work passiflora pleeeeeeeez!! :heart::heart:


Pretty much the same here. It’s like I don’t know it’s been many many many months and feels like it’s been way longer so to see everybody getting them and never getting one it’s a trigger. Very depressing


Hi @diane - thanks for your message and so great to have you here!

You have successfully reserved a Pioneer Pack for our upcoming Program with Ashwagandha (AKA the S3)!

Due to the nature of our Programs, demand for sofi, and the fact that we are only a small startup with limited means, means that we only launch a Pioneer Program every few months (although time between Programs will significantly decrease moving forward).

Because of this, our S3 Pioneer Program will be launching towards the end of the year - and so there is a bit of a waiting game. However, once your Pioneer Pack is reserved, you are with us for the S3, the S4, the S5, the S6, etc (in other words all our subsequent Programs where we’ll trial natural plant medicines for sleep and calm).

P.S. make sure to check out this thread here for more: S3 Pioneer Program | updates


Hi @alexwalkerjones i received my sofi package today i was so excited seeing it posted through the door after taking the kids to school this morning my eldest and my husband both gave me the same look of yep, she’s crazy :crazy_face: lol. I’ve managed to set up the pods and its registered 4 sprays not the 3 i did not sure how i managed that i hope it wont make any difference :grinning:


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to express a massive thank you on behalf of @bee and I (and really the whole sofi team!) for all the help in completing our audit of what has/has not been received this Program.

We witnessed a perfect storm of delays that resulted in further miscommunications and - as is the way of things when launching an early stage startup - we have learned from many a mistake along the way!

Without such an extraordinary and engaged community of Pioneers, we would be none the wiser to it all :blush:

Audit update

As of last week, Bee and I were able to complete the Audit of S2 Pioneer Packs. For those who haven’t already been in touch via the treehouse or sofi moon (in-app), you will have received an email to confirm correct receipt.

We have recorded all cases of missing Pioneer Packs and can confirm that they will be leaving the sofi lab in waves (just as fast as we can assemble them), this week and next. And we are thrilled to see that many have already begun to arrive! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :s2_n01: :s2_n02: :s2_n03:

If you have yet to get in touch regarding a missing Pioneer Pack, or any difficulty at all in activating/beginning your journey with your sofi stick, please let us know!

Thanks again and wishing everyone restful nights ahead with passiflora!


I’ve been away but I got home today and it’s arrived!! So exciting!
It’s all paired up and in working order, I’ve just tried my first spray which I think is the nude one, the taste is okay, not the nicest but not too offensive! :laughing:
Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One little thing, my app seems to think I’m on the s1/valerian program but my box definitely says passiflora! Is there something I need to do to change this?
Thank you again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Update, the app seems to have fixed itself now! :slight_smile:


Hey, what did you do to fix that issue as mine is still on S1 Valerian?


I didn’t do anything, it just seemed to fix itself :woman_shrugging: x


I got my S2 set today! Gonna be trying it tonight! Never tried passiflora among the many sleep supplements or medications I’ve tried l.my doctor has me back on mirtazapine which is no a notorious weight gainer so kinda praying this helps because I am on too much pharma due to my illness and the oxycodone and fentanyl and length of time I’ve been on them for the chronic pain all over. My teeth are in tatters and I practice good oral hygiene so it’s very upsetting to keep having dental issues as a result. My dentist explained the meds I’m over time can/will give
Dry mouth, which increases acid in the mouth and leads to rotting enamel,
Acid reflux, which also rots enamel and hurts soft tissue (don’t have acid reflux)
Grinding teeth (apparently I do that in my sleep.
Loss of blood flow to roots and gums
There are other issues that cause problems in those who are addicts but I take as needed and because I’m on the fentanyl I usually have a fair few oxy immediate release caps left but seems the damage is done. I’ve usually a fair few left over which means the patch is doing its work but that’s the thing, the fentanyl patch has to be changed every 72hrs.
I’m dreading dentist as currently in a craptonne of pain in my teeth and there’s extractions etc to be done.
Oh please let the passiflora help me sleep so my body can rest and relax from pain thus lowering my pain meds and tapering off ! Xx


Hi I’m soooo excited Sofi has just arrived, she was a little shaken but I straightened her out.
I just wanted to ask how many empty vials can I return, also do you want the old sofi stick back? Thanks again for the extra work for getting us back on track😊


Hi @Eevie - absolutely thrilled that your Pioneer Pack made it to you! Fingers crossed passiflora works beautifully for you xx

Please feel free to hang onto your old sofi stick, but we will take as many empty plant pods back as you have (or that will fit in the prepaid bag) :blush:

Happy spraying and can’t wait to hear how it goes!


My app says I am using valerian rather than passiflora. Is there a way to change this or do I not ve concerned? Also, I DEFINITELY want to be inuded


Sorry…sent before done typing. I DEFINITELY want to be included in the valerian refill program…please. Thank you.


Hi Carol, thanks so much for messaging! I’ve gone ahead and fixed that for you now. You may have to refresh the app but fingers crossed it’s back to where it should be.

With regards to the valerian Program: brilliant and noted! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


Thanks…it is fixed. Also, Just noticed a small card in my pioneer pack that had slipped under everything saying to begin my journey with number 2. Does that mean I should have started with pod #2? I already have done 2 days on #1. Should I switch to #2?