S3 Pioneer Program | updates

I’m so extremely pleased you found us and our community here @sminkjo and definitely we are all at the foot of the hills when it comes to our journey of understanding plants … I believe our knowledge almost extends to 1 percent of plants … a lot to discover together. In terms of the classic practice of medical herbalism and the role of plants in human health sometime we look back at even old practices and cultures and discover a lot of knowledge was coded in culture that hadn’t had its scientific cause and effect fully even yet appreciated. That’s why on the team we have both medical herbalist, ethnobotanist, integrative physician, clinician, doctors, and even genomicists, mathematicians and scientists … I’ve found often that knowledge lurks at the boundaries of their experiences. Wishing you a wonderful and restful night :pray:


Hi @sminkjo and welcome to our treehouse! I can confirm that your sofi surprise shipped on Jan 6th, and should be with you soon :slight_smile:

When it arrives, make sure to upload a photo of it in your hand here, or via the progress page (right swipe) of your sofi app, so that your Pioneer Pack can be reserved!

That, and keep up the excellent journaling work to qualify!


Thank you Alex,
It arrived today at lunch. Just uploaded the photo next to my passion flower - which seemed appropriate :grinning:

Excited to see where the journey will lead now.

All the best from Wales,


Love that we can see future flavours too


In the lead up to the S3 we will be previewing some of the major updates taking place (very soon!) within the app…the first of which is the introduction of our Pioneer rewards program, AKA “sofi seeds.”

“sofi seeds” have been in development for quite some time now and will be launching imminently as our way of rewarding daily journaling, active engagement with the sofi community, and introducing friends and family that you feel would benefit from sofi through a referral program.


Why not! We love to see sofi grow and flourish organically from our community here, rather than paying google for lead generation. We also want to recognise the incredible contribution that we, as Pioneers, are making to the development of sofi.

Once sofi is available direct-to-consumers, this rewards program will provide preferential and discounted access to the sofi store as a form of currency within sofi.

(See below for a small peek behind the scenes into the development of our online store, thanks to the awesome @J!)

While the sofi shop won’t be available until later this year, we wanted to give Pioneers the chance to begin accumulating sofi seeds as soon as possible. So you’ll find this exciting feature - and many more - in the very next release of the sofi app, coming next month!

P.S. Like all new currencies, we are still working out the exchange rate, but needless to say, your participation as a Pioneer within sofi will be celebrated and recognised. More on this to come shortly.



This looks amazing Alex
I love the idea


Great work team ! :slight_smile: